Khangai Herds : the film

Galloping daaga

Mongolia, herders, herding, herd animal, animal behaviour, human-animal, domestication, anthropology, visual anthropology, observational film, ethnographic film

About the film :
Khangai Herds is an observational film made by Natasha Fijn about the coexistence of two herding families and the herd animals living amongst them in the Khangai mountains of Mongolia. The herds consist of horses, cattle (including yak), and a combination of sheep and goats.  In a land of extreme conditions, both herder and herd animal depend upon one another as a means of survival.  Within broad river valleys, beneath steep slopes with patches of forest, herd animals are free to roam, existing within their own complex social structure and hierarchy. Herders successfully integrate themselves within this herd social structure by taking the role of lead animal within the herd, socially engaging and communicating daily in constant cross-species, cross-cultural, human-other animal dialogue.  This is achieved through herders and herd animals growing up amongst one another from birth and throughout important stages in one another’s lives.


Khangai Herds : Parts 1 to 9 + additional content

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